Building Inspections

Buying a property requires a significant financial investment and for many prospective buyers, a home is the largest purchase they are likely to make.

For this reason, it makes sense to ensure your investment is a sound one. This is what makes a pre-purchase building inspection one of the most valuable steps in the property-buying process. 

See a real example of our Building Inspection reports so you know what to expect:

What is a Building Inspection Report?

A Building Inspection is a comprehensive report compiled for the homeowner that provides a detailed depiction of the property’s true condition, assisting both owner-occupied and investment properties.

A pre-purchase building inspection is designed to pick up on both minor and major defects, structural issues and potential future problems of the property, giving you complete peace of mind that you are making an informed decision.

Typically, an owner will have little to no building experience and is unable to identify safety items and building items requiring attention. It’s important to engage a professional building inspector to ensure a comprehensive and thorough inspection is carried out.  

Professional Building Inspection Services In The Hunter Region & Central Coast

Based in the Lake Macquarie area, our experienced building inspector, Jeff Manwaring, has decades of experience in the building industry with an eye for detail. As your inspector, Jeff will visit the property and conduct a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property in order to identify any areas of concern, with a detailed report supplied within 24 hours of your inspection. 

A fast turnaround is crucial in real estate transactions and often a condition of your contract.

To organise your pre-purchase building inspection, call Jeff now on 0414 271 275 or book online

What Does A Building Inspection Include?

A building inspection report aims to identify safety hazards and major and minor defects of the property. It is a visual inspection of all accessible areas, including:

  • Building Interior
  • Building Exterior
  • Roof Void
  • Sub Floor Space
  • Roof Exterior (As deemed safe by the inspector)
  • Garage, Carport and Outbuildings
  • Driveway, Steps, Paths and Fencing

Your qualified inspector will then compile a comprehensive inspection report with photos. This will be delivered within 24 hours informing you of any major structural defects, items requiring maintenance and the property’s general condition.

Any items of concern can be discussed with your Inspector Jeff Manwaring directly, and we invite you to attend the inspection on the day. 

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Providing a professional service with expert knowledge, Uncover Building & Pest Inspections carry out pre-purchase inspections throughout the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and surrounding areas.

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