New Build Inspections

As the name suggests, New Build Inspections are relevant during the construction of a new house.

They are essential for anyone constructing a new home and a great tool for owner-builders who lack the experience to check their trades and contractors.

Involving an independent building inspector in your new build project means that building defects can be detected early and corrected. This helps to avoid disputes, stress and frustration for everyone involved in the project.

During a New Build Inspection, our inspector will visit the site and visually check that all work is completed in accordance with the plans, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Australian Standards.

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When Should A New Build Inspection Occur?

They typically involve 5 inspections in different stages (depending on construction size):

  1. Prior to pouring concrete
  2. Frame stage
  3. Lock up stage (prior to internal wall lining)
  4. Wall lining and waterproofing
  5. Handover or Completion stage

The inspection is a tiny investment compared to the overall build cost but provides excellent peace of mind for the homeowner.

Download A Sample Report

Have a look at our sample reports [PDF] for each stage of a New Build Inspection so you know what you can expect:

1. Footing Inspection Sample Report

2. Frame Stage Sample Report

3. Pre-Lining Stage Sample Report

4. Lining and Waterproofing Stage Sample Report

5. Handover Sample Report (Completion Stage)

Don’t worry if these sample reports seem a little intimidating, we’re here to help.

Your Inspector Jeff Manwaring can guide you through your New Build Inspection reports and answer any questions you may have.

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