Pre Sale Inspections

Looking to put your property on the market?

To avoid any nasty surprises uncovered in a buyer’s Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, it’s important to get your own Pre-Sale Building Inspection!

See a real example of a Pre Sale Inspection report so you know what to expect – Download a sample Pre Sale Inspection report here.

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What is a Pre-Sale Property Inspection?

A Pre-Sale Building Inspection works the same way a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, except it is conducted for the vendor’s (seller) benefit.

A pre-sale property inspection, also known as a pre-sale building inspection, is a comprehensive evaluation of a property’s condition conducted before it is put up for sale. This inspection is typically performed by a qualified professional, such as a licensed building inspector, and aims to identify any existing issues or potential problems that may affect the value or marketability of the property. The inspection covers various aspects, including the structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, roofing, and overall safety of the building. The findings from the pre-sale inspection can help sellers address any issues beforehand or provide transparency to potential buyers, ensuring a smoother and more informed real estate transaction.

Having a Pre-sale Inspection gives the owner an opportunity to rectify issues that might cost them potential buyers, bidders at auction and potentially a reduced sale price.

Why get a Pre-Sale Inspection?

It is not uncommon for minor defects or preventable issues to cost the seller of property thousands of dollars in lost sales or price reductions. This can help maximise the price of the property or prevent a sale from falling through as all parties have been notified of the condition of the property prior to contract signing.

Getting a pre-sale inspection is essential for sellers as it offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows sellers to identify and address any issues or repairs that may affect the property’s value or marketability. Secondly, it provides transparency and peace of mind to potential buyers, enhancing their confidence in the property. Lastly, a pre-sale inspection helps streamline the selling process by reducing the likelihood of surprises or negotiations later on.

Being able to provide a prospective buyer with a comprehensive report of the property can also instil confidence in potential purchasers and speed up the sale.

The danger of selling without a pre-sale report

Every person selling a home should have a Pre-Sale Building Inspections undertaken to be able to sell with confidence and at the right price.

Selling without a pre-sale report can expose sellers to the risk of unexpected problems surfacing during the transaction, leading to delays, disputes, and potential financial liabilities. Having a pre-sale report provides protection and peace of mind for all parties involved.

A Pre-Sale Building Inspection is a small financial decision compare to the money you could lose on unknown defects.

Here are some of the dangers of NOT getting a Pre-Sale report:

  • A potential buyer’s inspector identifies issues that could be used to terminate a sale.
  • The buyer negotiates a lesser price to compensate for expensive problems they were not made aware of.
  • By not having a pre-sale you cannot put a fair price on the property.
  • A potential buyer is more likely to hesitate when the degree of problems is unknown.

Pre-Sale Building Inspection with Uncover Inspections

Our highly professional and qualified inspector will visit the property accompanied with modern detection equipment. They will do a thorough visual inspection in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 4349.0-2007.

The inspector will then compile a building inspection report within 24 hours. This report will inform you of any major structural defects, items requiring maintenance and the general condition of the property. Items that arise in these detailed reports will also be found in the pre-purchase inspection compiled for the purchaser.

Items of concern can be discussed with inspector Jeff Manwaring directly. We encourage you to attend the inspection on the day so that we can discuss any potential issues.

With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision on the purchase of the property with complete peace of mind. Contact us today to arrange an inspection.