How To Conduct A DIY Inspection

A story only too familiar…

You have found the perfect property, your offer has been accepted and you have engaged your conveyancer. Only when a building and pest inspection is done do you realise the condition of the property and decide not to proceed with the purchase as the defects will cost too much to repair. You have your heartbroken plus you still have to pay the conveyancer for their work so far.

What if you could learn to identify some noticeable items that would make you move on to another property quicker, and subsequently save your money with your conveyancer?

Uncover Building and Pest has put together a small DIY inspection checklist. This has been compiled to save you time and money. Knowing that there are severe problems with a property will help you decide if you should make an offer to buy or quickly move on to the next property.

Download: DIY Inspection Checklist

This DIY checklist does not replace the need to have a professional inspection done on the property but might help you eliminate some poorly built homes.