Handover Inspections

A Handover Inspection is conducted when all trades have completed their work and the builder has given you the keys, prior to you moving in.

See a real example of a Handover report so you know what to expect – Download a sample Handover Report here.

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How It Works

Our qualified building inspector Jeff Manwaring will visit the property and do a thorough visual inspection of the interior, exterior and site works in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4349.0-2007.

Jeff will then provide you with a handover inspection report within 24 hours.

This building report provides the owners with a list of items that may need attention, adjustment or rectification by the builder.

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Let us know during the booking process if you have any particular concerns about the property that you’d like Jeff to examine.

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Get Peace of Mind with a Handover Inspection

It’s essential that all new home owners get a handover inspection completed.

A Handover Inspection will give the new home owner peace of mind by answering 3 important questions:

  1. Has the home been completed to an acceptable standard?
  2. Are there any outstanding issues the builder should be addressing?
  3. Have any significant problems developed during the construction process that the builder must fix?

​Any items of concern can be discussed with your building inspector Jeff Manwaring on 0414 271 275

What will be inspected?

A comprehensive inspection will include:

  • The interior of all rooms.
  • The building’s exterior.
  • The buildings subfloor space.
  • Roof space.
  • Roof exterior (as deemed safe by the inspector).
  • Out buildings and free-standing garages or carports.
  • Fences, paths and driveways within 30m of the structure.
  • Safety hazards associated with the property.

Call Jeff on 0414 271 275 or book your inspection online.

Meet Your Inspector – Jeff Manwaring

Jeff Manwaring is the owner and inspector of Uncover Building and Pest Inspections.

He is a licenced builder, building consultant, Timber Pest Management Technician,  Certified Termatrac Technician and is Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) registered.

His experience paired with an eye for detail and refined finishes makes him the perfect detective for building and pest inspections.

Read more about Jeff’s qualifications and experience here.

Jeff Manwaring - Building Inspector in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a handover inspection?

“Handover” is a building industry term for when the house or renovation is ready for the owner(s) to occupy.

A handover inspection (also known as a Practical Completion Inspection) is a building report for the buyer of a newly constructed home.

When should a handover inspection take place?

The handover inspection takes place in the period before to you (the buyer) takes possession of the new home, after all the building work has been completed.

Why get a handover inspection prior to moving into a new property?

Having an unbiased, independent review of the completed property is comforting to owners as they typically have no building experience and relies on the builder to complete the work to an acceptable standard.

The handover report provides the owners with a list of items that may need attention, adjustment or rectification.

This report will give you (the homeowner) the opportunity to contact your builder and have any building defects corrected prior to taking possession of the home.

Can I attend the handover inspection?

You are most welcome to attend the handover inspection.

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If you have questions or would like to book a handover inspection, please contact Jeff Manwaring on 0414 271 275